Audi Door Lights

Our Audi door lights are compatible with most Audi models. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with original door lights, as our product serves as a replacement. For cars without existing lights, we offer a drilling type option—please contact us for this service. Additionally, we provide customization options for the logo, including personal names, company logos, or basketball&football club emblems. For customized logo lights, reach out to our customer support team..

Audi door lights
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Our Audi door lights will fit all below audi modles:

A1: 2012-2013
A3: 2010-2013
A4: 2003-2023
A4L: 2009-2023
A5: 2008-2023
A6: 2000-2023
A6L: 2005-2023
A7: 2012-2023
A8: 2004-2023
A8L: 2006-2023
Q3: 2012-2023
Q5: 2010-2023
Q7: 2006-2023
R8: 2007-2023
RS4/RS5/RS6: 2004-2023
RS7 2013-2013:
S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/S8: 2004-2023
TT/TTS: 2007-2023